1 in 3 Parents Plan to Skip Flu Shots for Their Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic : Health

I understand why, I’m a registered nurse who is extremely pro-vaccine. I have given the “should have gotten a flu shot speech” about 10,000x in my career. However, watching the CDC flip flop on their guidance and leave nurses out to dry has honestly significantly diminished my trust in them. I literally told my pediatrician “I need you to tell the mom part of my brain that I should have my kids the flu vaccine because I trust you” 不 also they don’t really make it easy to get your kids the flu shot, most outpatient pharmacies only do adults so you have to drag your kids to the doctor during business hours, take time off work, risk exposing them to all the sick kids at the doctor etc. I still did it, but I’m a nurse and I’m educated, someone who wasn’t would look at all those factors and skip the vaccine.

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