2019 Beauty Review-Therapeutic Skin Coach

Products I discovered and fell in love with in 2019:

Lesse – I get bombarded with requests to review products daily (I know, boo-hoo me) that often I have to turn them away because I don’t want to waste product. But when Lesse’s founder reached out to me about her line I had a different response. Why? Because one of my clients that had been struggling with cystic acne for the 4 years I’ve known her found her way to a calm and clear complexion with the help of the Lesse serum. I truly believe that products are just a small part of the equation but in this particular case, it was honestly the best find for this person’s skin. I immediately trusted it and wanted to learn about the origin and inspiration for the line. So I met with the founder, who experienced a similar skin journey that many founders have, with skin erupting after a stressful time followed by uncovering the lack of transparency in the beauty industry. What I appreciate about this brand is that it’s not claiming to be anything it isn’t, it is actually trying to encourage the mindfulness of less is more for the skin. The formulas are packed with ingredients that encourage a ritual, not a forced routine full of negative self-talk. It’s gentle, soothing, and allows your skin to shine. 

Lauren’s All Purpose Serum – I was gifted this serum immediately after my laparoscopic surgery and was instructed that it could help with scarring. So I put it to the test and was pleasantly surprised by how immediately this formula calmed my skin. There’s a lot about this serum that I enjoy – the lightness, the stunning color, the natural aroma, and the way it wears on my skin throughout the day. I also find that it’s a great serum for anyone looking to soothe any inflammation, such as a great after-shave oil or to help reduce surgery scars. Anti-inflammatory serums are often thick in texture and are filled with so many ingredients that it’s hard to tell if they are invading your skin or helping it. This serum is honest in its promise and really enjoyable to use. Overall, the Lauren’s All-Purpose Serum surprised me and I’m grateful it found its way into my arsenal this year. 

Avoila – This brand has not actually launched yet, but starting in February 2020, I have a feeling you’ll be just as excited about it as I am. It’s an avocado oil-based skincare company that I’ve been on the sidelines witnessing it’s production for over a year now. The founders, Kristy and Grace, have created an oil serum where the star ingredient is often overlooked in other formulations – the avocado oil. But it’s much more than just that, it’s for the “every person” looking to make even the smallest step towards conscious, clean skincare. Sometimes we don’t know where to start and the endless options overwhelm us, but with Avoila, they wanted to make things simple. I’ve tested it several times over in 2019 and it is such a beautiful product that I would feel confident gifting to anyone regardless of their knowledge on skincare or clean beauty. 

Save (ur) Pretty Face – This screen protector almost makes me mad that I didn’t think of creating it myself because it’s so brilliant. 2019 is the year that people finally started paying attention when I talked to them about the potential damage blue light can have on our skin (and overall health). I’ve talked about it for years but somehow this invention was the way in for people to finally listen. I’m grateful because this little screen can have a big impact. As we continue to learn of the long-term effects of blue light on our skin and eyes, why not invest in a screen protector with the capability to protect us from it. What do you have to lose? PLUS, you can use the code “HAYLEY20” for a nice discount. 

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