2021 Winners of the Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism


The 2021 Winners of the Perfumed Plume Awards, in its sixth year, was held June 3, 2021 via ZOOM  and included journalists and visual artists from allover the world. And it was a great year for perfume stories, although once again the Pandemic prevented any in person festivities, Founders Mary Ellen Lapsansky and Lyn Leigh are optimistic that the finalists’ and winners’ ceremonies will be held (safely) in person in 2022.

Ms. Lapsansky and Ms. Leigh applauded the judging committee, who had no easy task (read their bios here). The 2021 winners were determined by the highest percentage scores received based on the criteria for each category.  The criteria used to vet the submissions can be found here. They also thanked the sponsors who help keep our dreams alive. Presenters included Miranda Gordon, Vice President, Fine Fragrance at Mane, Bart Schmidt, Managing Partner With Brands with Purpose, Mary Manning of Manning Associates. Henry de Monclin, President of HDM Design and Raymond Matts, CEO/Creative Design at Raymond Matt LLC.

 SPOILER: CaFleureBon was awarded with two!! 

The 2021 Winners of the Perfumed Plume Awards are:

Perfume Stories in Mainstream Media – Print – Magazines & Newspapers

Modern Florals (Heavy Petalling) – The Scented Letter by Suzy Nightingale


2021 Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism

Perfume Stories in Mainstream Media – Digital – Magazines, Newspapers, Blog Postings, Webzines/ A Tie

1980s-1990s Men’s Fragrances: Smells Like My Teen Spirit – author Contributor Clayton Ilolahia of ÇaFleureBon

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Craft a Custom Perfume… Smell ya later, 2020 – by April Long


2021 Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism

Short ‘n Sweet Perfume Stories – Print or Digital

The Thin Veil Between Art and Commerce: Andy Warhol and Perfume – author Senior Contributor Marianne Butler of ÇaFleureBon


Visualization of Perfume Stories – Print & Digital

Smoke on the Water – 2020 Autumn Essentials – Scentury Magazine (Helder Suffenplan)


INSTApost – Perfume Stories on Instagram

Fantosmia – ode_r_ by former Contributor Danu Seith-Fyr who in a touching speech made special mention of the dearly loved and sadly departed Senior Editor Emeritus Robert Hermann 

Fragrance Book of the Year  

Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World’s Smells – Harold McGee who acknowledged Mandy Aftel who introduced him to the world of fragrance

Special acknowledgment  to Zaza’s Scent-sational Super Power – Alexis Wintrob and illustrator Shera Serrulha for their pioneering children’s book which may be a permanent category going forward.

This year a blinged out clock in the shape of a perfume flacon will be sent to all the winners. Next year, we look forward to being together once again.

Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, authors and artists. To read more  please go to

We are honored that ÇaFleureBon submissions have five 2021 Perfumed Plume Finalists-Perfume Stories.

Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief  with Hernando Courtright, Sr. Contributor and NYC Brand Ambassador


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