2022 California Estheticians OKed for Lash Lifts, Curls, Tints and Brow Lamination

Esthetician success tips for adding brow & lash services 

You now know what you can add to your list of services. How is the next question. We’ve compiled 3 easy tips to get you started. 

Tip #1: Get properly trained

We can’t stress this enough! Before adding any new service to your treatment menu, acquiring certification and training is essential. You’ll want to be sure you feel confident and have lots of practice under your belt before incorporating a new protocol and introducing it to your clients. 

Additionally, don’t be afraid to display your new certifications and list them on your booking website. Your credentials can help build trust with clients and get them excited about your expert skill set. 

Tip #2: Get the word out

Once you’re on your way to getting fully trained and acquiring all the needed supplies, it’s a good time to start talking up your new services to your clientele. For example, you might entice them with before and after pics or include an update in your next monthly newsletter explaining all the incredible benefits. Live demos on social media can also be especially eye-catching and attention grabbing for potential clients. 

Tip #3: Get your clients hooked

For strategic selling include package deals, a free upgrade bundled with other services, or a rebooking discount at checkout as a thank you to your client for trying something new. 

Because brow and lash treatments produce instant results and instant gratification, these treatments often sell themselves. But just in case, it doesn’t hurt to offer a little incentive. A few ideas for strategic selling could include package deals, or a free upgrade bundled with other services. You could also offer a rebooking discount at checkout as a thank you to your client for trying something new. 

Bonus Pro Tip: Stay connected with California Skincare Supply!

For helping you learn all the ins and outs of all the latest lash and brow services – including brow and lash tinting, brow lamination and lash lifting – California Skincare Supply offers comprehensive training covering everything you need to know. 

Upcoming online webinars make it easier than ever to learn proper protocols, professional techniques and safety, plus best business practices for pricing, marketing and more. Our upcoming training and certification classes on lash lifts and brow lamination include live demonstrations as well as supply kits and materials from the industry experts at RefectoCil. 

Training for November 1st, is sold out. However, you can be the first to find out about classes being added in Spring of 2022, when you sign up for the CSS newsletter. Be sure to get on the list and stay informed! Subscription form is below! 

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