5 Estheticians Tell Us Their Opinions About Giving Discounts and Special Deals

Name: Davianne Beepot

Business: Skin Revision by Davianne

Comment: Always charge your worth. There are times where it is nice to incentivize clients with specials. A first-time client who is considering coming to your facial spa may have needed that special touch to come to you over your competitor. It’s what we all do when shopping. Keep in mind when discounting what you charge will always be a reflection of your worth in a customer’s eyes.

Other examples are holiday specials, which everyone loves; last-minute deals to fill empty booking slots; loyalty rewards for returning clients; referral rewards; membership/VIP discounts; and of course, your military, front-liner, senior-citizen, teacher, and community-oriented discount.

When I just started, I built went from zero customers to a client book of thousands mostly from Groupon and referrals. However, is an art to it. Customers who shop on Groupon aren’t always looking to hop around. Sometimes they are utilizing Groupon as a means to find and try out a skincare therapist before committing to them. If you plan to go this route, then you must treat this as your marketing budget with the money you are losing. They are giving you exposure with the impression; this can be up to hundreds of thousands of people. Put a “deal” out there on a service in demand that you can upgrade a client to a treatment plan, series purchase, or membership to make them a returning one after providing them with the best possible service and experience.

The moral of the story is: don’t shortchange yourself and lower your value. If you inflate your price a little, you’ll have room to drop it on an as-needed basis without worrying about your bottom line. Use discounts as a means to attract and keep clients at a value that reflects your worth but also is exciting for your clients.

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