A letter to all non-essential workers…-Therapeutic Skin Coach

While I have had plenty of time to become introspective during my week+ of quarantine so far, I have found my mind wondering why I didn’t pick a career that made me essential.

Again with that term – I don’t know why it hurts so much to use it but it does.

The truth is I tried…in high school, I volunteered at a local hospital and completed a shadowing program where I was committed to becoming a nurse. Every college I applied to had a great nursing school that I was planning on admitting myself to. Yet, once I got to college (2 days after I turned 18 years old), I panicked about the whole thing. I wasn’t ready to have my life mapped out in front of me where I would be engulfed in debt. The school I was in felt overwhelming, my depression and anxiety kicked in with thoughts of “How will I afford this?” from the moment I unpacked my suitcases in the co-ed dorm I lived in for a semester.

We all know the story of how I became an esthetician, but years into my career, I decided to try to pursue nursing yet again. I signed up for community college classes in Austin to get me back on the path to starting my second year of college as I had completed my first full year before going to esthetic school. The problem was I wasn’t considered a resident of Texas, so I waited a year to start and then all of my transcripts expired. All the advanced classes I placed into, the 3.9 GPA I worked my ass off to get were all non-transferable because I waited 1 year too many to continue. I started again, taking algebra 1+2 (classes I had taken in early high school), human growth and development, English classes, etc. all of which was lost once again once I had to take a break because of a medical emergency. So I tried to become essential, maybe not hard enough compared to most, but it took the life out of me every time I failed.

Back in 2012, I decided that I would lean into what I was doing. I released the shame of not having a college degree and came back to the heartfelt reasons I even became an esthetician. I learned to fully love my work regardless of giving up on what I thought was my dream of achieving a college degree in nursing. After all, it was consistent for me through a recession and through experimenting in different parts of the industry (makeup, waxing, teaching, sales, medical, holistic, writer etc…).

Once I moved to LA, started Therapeutic Skin Coach, I ended up finding the education I was seeking all along. Most of the classes I take and subjects I study are the same as business, communications, health science, and health care majors. The difference is that my application of this knowledge is through a physical modality that is typically revered as shallow and frivolous. But my experiences are certainly anything but. Having found undiagnosed cases of severe health disorders just through my consultation intake alone (confirmed by medical professionals after my insistence for clients to follow through with proper diagnosis). 

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