A ramble through some randomness

It was a much of a much week.

Son got his modules confirmed.

A friend sent a big box of books (and stuff – more on that later) which was just so very welcome as I’d just finished the August Snow books and was pitching around.

I got my hair cut. Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been banging on about having to do this a lot, but short hair requires maintenance. Otherwise, I look like a ragdoll. Still tweaking. This time ended up with this (not the colour, though I think it’s quite fetching) which actually is exactly what I want. Not sure why it took so long but sometimes you have to walk the walk.

Colour next time – definitely a bit of blue because sometimes we need these things. I had navy last time, but maybe something slightly brighter this appointment.

I wore Le Labo Ylang 49 and it was wrong. It occurred to me halfway to town in the car that Arabie would have been right. It was weirdly mild out and discomforting and Arabie would have just fit. An on-the-edge fragrance for a twitchy sort of day (a not sure it’s a gourmand gourmand).

Further to discomfort, in the book box, there was a small bottle of oil from a brand called Neom. The bottle was labelled Scent to Make You Happy (neroli, mimosa, lemon). When I first smelled it, I thought ‘What does this have to do with making me happy?’ but it was oddly compelling. So, it’s migrated to my work area and I smell it several times a day (fruity florally but with some sort of odd undercurrent). It doesn’t make me happy really – I just really want to smell it when I get stressed about work or something. Like it breaks up a bad feeling. So, maybe it does make me happy in some form. On the Neom website there’s a whole line of Making You Happy stuff … I don’t think I’ll be indulging in a burner thing, but I’m really pleased the oil dropped into my life.

And then yesterday I cleared out the small bookshelf in the living room. I’ve been meaning to do this for months because it wasn’t flush against the wall and every time you walked past it bumped, making an irritating noise. As I was able to shove it back a few centimetres, now it doesn’t do that. It’s the small things.

In any case, this meant clearing almost everything off (see pics) and when one makes such an effort it only makes sense to actually go through what you have and remove stuff (see more pics). Very interesting and satisfying. Bookcase is also clean now. I removed half of my CDs and discovered I already had a couple of things I was thinking about buying (eg, Laura Nyro and Labelle ‘Gonna Take a Miracle’). The discards will go into a box in the loft – I’m not ready to get rid of them – I just don’t listen to them. All the DH Lawrence I own will go to a charity shop. It occurred to me I don’t actually like his work. Also getting rid of The French Lieutenant’s Woman. And, divesting myself of Perfume (whatever of a murderer) which I seriously didn’t like and why was it so popular? I now have all my poetry in one place and the endless re-read books together (everything Chaim Potok which I return to every six months or so).

And I lit the wood stove for the first time this year after it was refurbed during the building work. I’m not ready to put the heat on – just can’t get my head round that (hoping to draw it out till 15 October). It definitely takes the chill out of the house and the new night-time logs (supposed to slow burn for 8 hours) seem to work a treat.

So, there you have it: a ramble through randomness. Any of it speak to you?

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