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There are many people who suffer from
acne, acne is an inflammatory condition of the skin that lead to formation of
spots and pimples, the main area that is affected are the face, back, neck,
shoulders. Even whiteheads and blackheads also come under acne.

What causes acne

Our skin has oil glands which secrete something called the sebum which is important to retain moisture in the face. The skin has pores to which these oil glands open, sometimes with excess oil production these pores can get clogged with oil, dead skin and bacteria.

When these things clog the body
reacts to it through inflammation which leads to swelling, reddening and pus formation,
one of the main reasons that acne are troublesome is that they are painful and
leave back scars some of which lasts for a very long time.

Risks for developing acne

Our skin is very sensitive to
changes, so during puberty and pregnancy there is a difference in the balance
of hormone that can affect the skin, during puberty the androgen and estrogen
act on skin to increase oil gland production which can lead to excess oil that
can clog the pores.

Another reason is certain
medications like birth control pills and corticosteroids, foods rich in refined
sugar and carbohydrates and there is a genetic role as well, if your parents
have had acne there is a chance you might get it as well. Though some are
saying that chocolate can cause acne there is no scientific basis to support
maybe the chocolates having high refined sugar may have a contribution, pure
dark chocolate leading to acne is a myth.

How to take care of acne prone skin

Acne prone skin requires a good
routine and healthy practices, applying good body care products, face care products and having a healthy lifestyle.

The treatment for acne depends on the type of acne, just clogged pores appear as black heads or white heads, white heads appear as small bumps and blackheads appear as a black spot, these are non-inflammatory,

Inflammatory ones appear as red, swollen which later progresses to contain pus.

Shot of a teenager squeezing a pimple in front of the mirrorhttp://

Most important of all you should
follow a proper diet, take less amount of refined sugar and carbohydrates,
consume diet filled with fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water and get
good 8 hours of sleep, this is really important because lack of sleep and
stress is another reason for acne.Wash your face twice in a day, this should be
done as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep, do not over wash face
unless you are sweaty this can irritate the skin.

Use a proper face wash suited for your skin type and make sure it’s mild. Don’t scrub, scrubbing can irritate the skin further and worsen the situation. Don’t pick, picking pimples can lead to scarring and it can dislodge the bacteria somewhere else and lead to pimple formation over there. You can even try over the counter medication like salicylic acid. If your acne is serious it’s best for you to visit a dermatologist.

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