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The shut downs due to COVID, the wildfires, and the economic collapse has effected all of us in multiple ways.

If you are so inclined, I would LOVE for you to let your representatives know how the mandatory closure of my business (and others you rely on) has impacted your life.

This link makes it easy: click here for LA Forward’s Who Represents Me

Please send your email or make a call, whatever suits ya best, to those reps for my business area: 1358 5th St / 90401.

Keep your message personal. And it is not the fault of the reps that my business and others are closed. So, please don’t shame or blame. But they do represent you and me and they should know how the results of their action/inaction shape our lives.

While your there, thank them for helping frontline workers, firefighters and those in the path of the devastating forest fires. And encourage the state reps to pass SB731, Senator Bradford’s police reform bill co-sponsored by the ACLU. (more info here)

Encourage your national reps to pass The Heroes act that has been sitting in the Senate for months. (more details here).

Our government works best when we work on it and in it.

And if you’ve ever thought of running for office, DO IT!!! Please let me know so I can help! If you’re reading this, I feel certain you are capable of leading in public office.

She Should Run is a fabulous org for creating a pathway for women to office. Check’em out!

Thank you for your continued support and friendship. For reaching out. And for taking care of each other. We ARE going to get through this but life is always gonna be a little different. I will be here with ya!

Let’s recap:

87% of the population lives in the purple.
70k+ licensed #estheticians can only work OUTSIDE.
96k+ licensed #manicurists can only work OUTSIDE.
1,330+ licensed #electrologist cannot work at all, delaying and cancelling gender reassignment surgeries.
When will the law makers, state agencies and big advocacy groups STOP TREATING US AS AN AFTERTHOUGHT?
All license types should carry equal value when decisions are to be made in #Sacramento.

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