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Most guests who come to my Summer garden are gobsmacked by the ridiculous profusion of lilies, peonies and roses – and for good reason:  I haz a LOT of them and the sight and smell is outrageous.  But a select few often bypass those flaunting beauties in favor of the subtler loveliness of my foliage borders.   Foliage gardens are interesting in their stealth-bombery; at first glance it’s just ‘oh.  some green stuff’.  But a well done foliage garden can hold your interest long after the exotic scents and showy blooms have exhausted your senses.  There’s a reason so many contemplative gardens are created solely of green (even to the point of clipping the fragrant flowers of hostas) – the repetitive colorway and general absence of scent removes the distraction of overt color and fragrance while still providing emotional cushioning; you can choose to explore the myriad textures and shapes or you can ignore it, allowing all that Green to blur, helping you to direct your focus inward.  Damb difficult to ignore a stand of intensely fragrant 8′ tall lilies.

And sometimes All That Green, especially in dappled sunlight, just flattens out the curves and spikes… and allows you to think of nothing at all… to just Be.  I’m a huge fan of that state, loving to sit in the garden and let the Green wipe every cognitive impulse clean out of my head.  Sitting there, in that green, I can feel my pulse slow, my breathing ease… and without even trying, suddenly the only thing in my psyche is the drone of bees or wondering whether I have 2 hummingbirds in the garden or 3 (it’s usually 3). I can’t force that state – I can’t even ooch it into thinking about happening- it only seems to exist in the afterthought of its having happened (does that make sense?).  And it can exist for 30 seconds… or 3 hours.  It is master of its own fate (at least until the phone rings).


I was trying to come up with a perfume or two to compare to that All. That. Green. feeling but am coming up short because the whole point of what I’m babbling about is NOT the green itself (is it?) – it’s more how the green (especially dappled in sunlight) works to soothe one’s soul.  Alas, most of the relentlessly Green scents I’m thinking of are, surprisingly, not that easygoing.  Ma Griffe, Vent Vert, Envy, Cristalle… all of them demand a decent amount of attention.  Do any of you have any thoughts on this?   Tell me about them and I’ll have TGirl poke. that. pawnail. for some fun samples.

Oh!  and I haz a winner for the Sol de Janiero!  kathleen

gmail your evilauntieanita with your deets, remind me of what you won (I think you’ll love this one – I did!) and I’ll get it out to you!

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