Angus Chemical launches ammonia alternative for hair color

The new ingredient, trademarked as DL-2AP ULTRA PC and with the INCI name Aminopropanol, was developed using the company’s proprietary nitroalkane chemistry.

“DL-2AP ULTRA PC offers manufacturers a unique formulating tool with a more favorable environmental profile, superior biodegradability and lower odor than other chemistries on the market,” ​explains Laurie Marshall, Global Business Manager for Angus Chemical Company Home and Personal Care, in a press release announcing the ingredient launch. “It also helps colorant formulators produce the vibrant, natural-looking colors that keep consumers coming back for more.”

“Consumers,” ​she says, “want products that provide efficacy and ease of use, along with additional benefits, such as reduced damage, and conditioning.”

The latest hair color ingredient from Angus may replace ammonia and MEA

The new multifunctional amino acid alcohol promises to be at least 99% pure and has a high base strength as well as a (typical) molecular weight of just 75g.

DL-2AP ULTRA PC is, according to the ingredient product page on​, well suited for use in formulations for hair bleaching, straightening, and styling products as well as for applications like oxidative hair colorants and semi-permanent hair colorants.

Besides the ingredient’s biodegradability and “more favorable environmental profile,” ​DL-2AP ULTRA PC is a desirable alternative to ammonia in hair color formulations because it has less of an odor. And it’s preferable to MEA because it is less of an irritant. The new ingredient also promises “reduced hair damage compared to ammonia or MEA when used in hair colorants,” ​according to the product page.  

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