Ashleigh Cortes – Helping Women With Cancer to Keep on Glowing

In this week’s episode, I’m talking with the extraordinary Ashleigh Cortes. Ashleigh is a self-described millennial, but she is also an old soul and I have so much admiration for what she is doing.

After losing her grandmother to a battle with cancer, Ashleigh was inspired to help other women with cancer diagnoses ride out their treatments with all the comfort and dignity that her late grandmother had craved during her hospitalization. So she founded The Stay Beautiful Foundation to send these women customized packages filled with natural beauty products to brighten their days — and their complexions.

Listen in as Ashleigh shares the challenges of being a spa owner of color, how women are chosen for the Stay Beautiful Foundation, and how to use Tik-Tok for your business.

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“Doctors come in and they prescribe for the disease, but what about the soul of the woman?” – Ashleigh Cortes

Show Notes:

  • What are the challenges of being a spa owner of color
  • What was Ashleigh Cortes’ first job
  • What did Ashleigh study in college
  • How Ashleigh earned a full ride to college
  • What is the Stay Beautiful Foundation and what is its mission
  • How many people volunteer for the Stay Beautiful Foundation
  • How are women chosen for the Stay Beautiful Foundation
  • Can I donate to the Stay Beautiful Foundation
  • Is Tik-Tok beneficial for business

“I want every woman who is undergoing cancer treatments to feel beautiful — even if they don’t have access to spa products.” – Ashleigh Cortes

Ashleigh’s 3 Tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. Just start
  2. Find your tribe
  3. Follow your passion

“I would like to hone in on that piece of community and go beyond the box; the box is the first step of what we do.” – Ashleigh Cortes

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Ashleigh Cortes:

 Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | The Stay Beautiful Foundation

“Their strength and beauty is a gift to us.” – Ashleigh Cortes

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