Attending Cosmetology School Opens the Door to Your Future

Whether you’re trying to figure out what you want to do
after high school or college or you’re an established professional interested
in making a career change, you may be struggling to determine your next steps.
If you want a rewarding career that offers many meaningful benefits, then you
may want to consider a career in cosmetology.

When you think about everything that the cosmetology
industry involves – hair care, styling products, skin care, makeup and much,
much more – it’s easy to understand why the industry generates billions of
dollars per year in the United States alone. If you want to capitalize on the
revenue generating nature of the industry, becoming a cosmetologist is a good

If you decide to attend cosmetology school, earn the
required license and join the workforce as a cosmetologist, you’ll enjoy
several key benefits. These benefits typically include the following:

  • Growing
    Employment Opportunities
    : From hair stylists to product demonstrators, nail
    technicians, makeup artists and more, licensed cosmetologists can hold many
    different kinds of positions thanks to their well-rounded skill set. Employment
    in the field is expected to grow by 14 percent
    between 2016 and 2026,
    meaning even more cosmetology positions will become available in the United
    States in the coming years.
  • Autonomy:
    In general, cosmetologists enjoy a considerable amount of autonomy even when
    they work for someone else. This enables many cosmetologists to establish and
    maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal lives, which can be
    difficult to do in many other fields.
  • Lasting
    : While cosmetologists generally work one-on-one with their
    clients, they still have opportunities to bond with their coworkers by
    exchanging tips and sharing new skills. Because cosmetologists sometimes spend
    a lot of time with their clients depending on the services they’re providing,
    they often get to know their clients quite well which enables them to establish
    lasting relationships with their customers. If you manage
    to establish relationships with your clients, it increases the likelihood that
    they’ll stay with you for years. It also makes it more likely that they’ll
    follow you if you change employers or open up your own salon.
  • Trends:
    Like the fashion industry, the cosmetology industry often feels the positive
    effects of changing trends. Some trends are introduced at industry trade shows
    while others have more organic beginnings. However, as a trend gains traction,
    each new trend gives cosmetologists a chance to learn something new or flex
    their creative muscles as they put the new trend into practice. With new trends
    being introduced regularly, boredom is generally not a problem for people who
    work as cosmetologists.

While working as a cosmetologist certainly provides benefits
that many people think are significant, you can’t enjoy any of them without
getting the training necessary to be a cosmetologist first. To open the door to
your future, we invite you to contact State College of Beauty Culture in
Wausau, Wisconsin to learn about our cosmetology school. When you do, we’ll
discuss your career aspirations with you and help you select the courses that
will enable you to reach your career goals. Contact State
College of Beauty Culture


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