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ARROJO Barbering Academy Class 9 celebrated their Graduation Day with a creative presentation of men’s grooming trends and techniques. Enjoying a day in the limelight after four months of practical and creative study of modern barbering in theory and practice, the Graduation Presentation is a vehicle that enables graduates to display their newfound skills in a warm and welcoming, celebratory environment.

With each Barbering Academy Graduate presenting their work, there was ample opportunity to see the full range of artistry that has been learned, practiced and mastered by these talented Barbers.

Alongside classic skills like clipper work and fading, presentations featured other creative techniques, like military-inspired styles, scissor over comb, razored layers, freehand dry cutting, square and lean shapes, and the creation of texture and taper.

”It feels so satisfying and rewarding for me personally, just to know how well prepared these guys are,” says Grace Vega, Main Educator for Barber Class 9. “An elevated approach to barbering is what will keep the craft relevant, creative, and lucrative. These graduates epitomize the high-minded approach we believe in; they have a profession, and friendships, for life.”

Achievement Awards:

Highest GPA: Lexi O’Reilly

Highest Attendance: Josh Saenz, Lexi O’Reilly (both achieved 100% attendance in a global pandemic!)

For each award the recipient receives a $350 gift certificate for ARROJO Advanced Academy Seminars.

Our next Barber Academy Class begins June 21, 2021.

Availability is limited.

Please contact [email protected]  or call 212 242 7786 x 5 231 to arrange a tour & apply to enroll.

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