BASF takes personal care innovations on the road with outdoor events series

“Care Creations on the Road has allowed us to pivot from our new norm of virtual meetings to provide our customers the opportunity to experience sensory benefits and formulation differences,” ​explained Jill Litchauer, Head of Application Technology and Technical Service, Personal Care, North America. “This approach allowed for one-on-one conversations about formulation challenges that our customers are facing with their projects.”

Care Creations on the Road piloted the first customer visit in May, held in collaboration with BASF’s Northeast distribution partner Azelis. To date, the ingredient supplier has run about eight events with two additional ones taking place in the next two weeks, a spokesperson told CosmeticsDesign-USA.

And the concept is likely to continue in some form moving forward, added the spokesperson, but the company may adjust things as they apply learnings from past events and analyze the feedback.

Ingredients highlighted on the tour include:

Mimiskin – a biodegradable alternative to polymer film formers that is appropriate for sensitive skin and offers benefits such as pollution protection, breathability, cleansing, hydration and skin radiance.

PeptAIde 4.0 – a network of four natural peptides, unlocked with the use of artificial intelligence, which helps reduce the visible signs of silent inflammation in hair and skin.

Naturally Styled – a collection of clean hairstyling formulations with proven results, featuring the synergistic combination of ingredients Hydagen 558P (algin) and Rheocare XGN (xanthan gum).

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