Bayer study supports performance, acceptability of new dexpanthenol face creams

Led by scientists from Bayer Hispania and Bayer Consumer Care AG in Switzerland, the study included people from three ethnic groups and examined both single and prolonged once-daily application.

“[A]all three face creams studied are suitable for the daily face care (day and night) of dry skin sufferers with different ethnic backgrounds (African, Asian, Caucasian). Their single and prolonged once-daily usage was associated with significant [stratum corneum]-hydrating effects,” ​wrote the scientists in Cosmetics​.


The study looked at three distinct products developed by Bayer Consumer Care:

  • Bepanthen Derma Replenishing Daily Moisture Face Cream
  • Bepanthen Derma Restoring Daily Face Cream with SPF25, and
  • Bepanthen Derma Regenerating Night Face Cream were developed for dry skin sufferers.

Dexpanthenol is a derivative of the B vitamin pantothenic acid.

Study details

For the new studies, the scientists recruited 42-44 people for the testing of each product. The participants were all considered healthy but with dry/sensitive skin. They were from three ethnicities – African, Asian, and Caucasian.  Tests were run after a single application, and again after daily application for 28 days.

The results showed that all three formulations improved skin hydration by about 27% after 28 days.

While these improvements were not correlated with improvements in skin elasticity, results of lipid analyses indicated that all three formulations significantly increased stratum corneum (SC) cholesterol, SC free fatty acid, and/or SC ceramide levels, said the scientists.

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