Beauty as self-care increased during lockdown, research shows

New research published by Lycored in a new whitepaper called Back to life: Beauty and self-care in the post-pandemic world​ reveals the elevated consumer focus on beauty, self-care and the relationship it has with their diet and nutrition during lockdowns.

The carotenoid producer for ingestible skincare surveyed 562 consumers in the US and UK in June 2021. Among those surveyed, all respondents had purchased a beauty, grooming or skincare product, and had spent more time at home due to lockdowns over the previous 12-month period.

Impact of lockdowns on beauty

Lockdowns resulted in a shift in consumer behavior relating to the relationship between beauty and self-care. Early on in the pandemic, there was a general expectation that lockdowns would lead consumers to let themselves go,”​ said Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand and Marketing of Health, Lycored.

However, the reality was very different, Ziegler added: “Our survey showed the opposite—they were actually more focused on beauty and self-care.” ​Among US consumers, 48% said they had become more concerned about how they looked, with only 21% saying their physical appearance became less important to them.

1. The ‘Zoom effect’ takes hold

“The ‘Zoom effect’ clearly played a big role in this,”​ said Ziegler. Lycored’s research reveals that 54% of Americans said the increase in video calls had made them think more about their appearance.

Across all respondents, nearly a third (31%) said it had made them think more about the smoothness of their skin, while 27% had considered the appearance of their hair more, 26% thought more about the tone of their skin, and 17% about their skin’s radiance and glow.

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