Beiersdorf patents AI skin profiling and personalised product recommendation method

Writing in its international patent​​, Beiersdorf said the skin profiling method, powered by smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabled highly personalised cosmetic, skin care and dermatological product recommendations for basic and prevailing skin conditions. Ideally, these recommendations could be “preventative”​; suggesting products that minimised or prevented a skin problem, it said.

Air pollution, weather and time of day ‘important’ to basic skin condition

Whilst there were already several methods on the market used to recommend beauty and personal care products for specific skin conditions, based on specific parameters like moisture, roughness, irregular colour distribution and skin impurities, Beiersdorf said these methods all had one common disadvantage: errors.

“A disadvantage of all known methods (…) is that the skin condition determined exclusively from skin parameters is subject to major errors. For example, the ambient temperature and/or humidity have a major influence on the blood circulation (reddening of the skin) and on the gloss of the skin (reflective behaviour of the skin). Stress factors such as physical and/or emotional stress and/or environmental influencers are also expressed in deviations from the skin condition from the normal condition without these stresses,”​ the company wrote in its patent filing. 

“In particular, the inclusion of environmental influences such as air pollution, weather (solar radiation or rain), time of day is important in order to determine the basic skin condition,”​ it said.

‘Basic’, ‘environmental’ and ‘personal’ data

Beiersdorf’s skin profiling method used three data sets to make product recommendations: basic data, environmental data and personal data.

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