Best Autumn Fragrances to Wear Right Now

The first chill of autumn will soon be in the air. Its time to swap out your light floral, aquatic and citrus scents for richer, deeper colognes and perfumes.  Here are seven  favorites for Fall to add to your fragrance wardrobe, as we begin the slow march from summer to autumn.

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Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold: Although the garden’s roses will soon be just a memory and the lawn will be covered in hues of gold, try Rose Radiant Gold by Michael Kors which captures the last gasp of summer with  warm exotic floral, hints of spice that  sparkle over a woodsy base.

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When Yves St Laurent introduced Opium in 1977, the decadent oriental caused quite a stir. He hired a ship, the Peking, for Opium’s launch and a thousand-pound bronze Buddha surrounded by mounds of white cattleya orchids and celebrities. For a version that is more updated and subdued, we recommend Black Opium, a sumptuous scent without the heaviness that can stifle in the changeable weather of Autumn. The sweetness of orange blossom, dark chocolate and jasmine blend with spices, vanilla bean and patchouli cross into gourmand territory and will see you through winter as well.

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Inspired by the sensual feeling of cashmere against skin, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist is a subtle musky scent redolent of the last flowers of summer. The lilt of lily, a puff of powder, the soft tactile touch of supple suede and the golden glow of amber seduces the senses as this dreamy creamy scent leads you gently into autumn.

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For him, DKNY Men Cologne, an ode to the City that never sleeps. It is an autumnal blend of spices and citrus that fuse together in a masculine and bold aromatic scent that captures the style and vitality of New York.

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Add a subtle amber perfume or cologne this season. One of our favorites is Prada Amber a modern classic with a vintage vibe that signals that summer’s not over with  sunny citrus and a touch of fresh tarragon but hails the approach of  Autumn with warm resins drizzled with honey The dry down is daring and slightly animalic with the overall feeling of sexiness that’s just right for any season.

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For him Prada l’homme Cologne, by in- house perfumer Daniela Andrier, opens with a burst of bergamot, the fresh scent of green geranium and then cardamom, a pinch of pepper spices things up for autumn. The base of amber, patchouli and cedarwood add a touch of masculinity and mystery for the last days of Summer into the Autumn Months.

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