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The aroma of a real man is exotic, spicy and rich. It’s not too overbearing but it’s enough to show your dominance, status and presence when you walk into the room. The perfect men’s fragrance emits scents of worldly experiences, knowledge and confidence, and that’s exactly what you get when you indulge in our St Johns Bay Rum collection of men’s cologne, aftershave and masculine soap.


The Best Bay Rum Aftershave

With all of the men’s grooming products out there, it can seem impossible to find the perfect fit for you. The key is to find soaps for men, aftershave and colognes for men that are soothing and gentle, yet deep and luxurious to ensure superior quality and an unparalleled experience.

Our collection of Bay Rum soaps for men and Bay Rum Aftershave use a combination of soothing ingredients that are gentle enough to be used for your pre-shave yet strong enough to use in the shower.

With our Bay Rum Aftershave specifically, you receive our 70+ year old formula that offers the richest West Indian Bay Tree Leaf Oils and premium Caribbean fragrances. Our unique blend of the Caribbean creates a natural, manly fragrance of eucalyptus, cloves, and Caribbean spices.   

Bay Rum Aftershave and Mens Fragrance

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Once you experience the power of smelling like the exotic scents of the Caribbean, you’ll want to make sure you never run out. We have you covered.  At St Johns Bay Rum, we have a vast array of soap sets, aftershave and mens cologne to ensure you never leave the house without the aroma of a real man. 

Fragrance For Men On-The-Go

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For the men looking to dive into the exotic experience while on the run, our Travelers Collection of St Johns Bay Rum cologne is the perfect fit. Despite the small size, this bottle of men’s fragrance provides you with a bold, distinctly masculine, elegant aroma wherever you go.


 Bay Rum Aftershave Bottle 

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Once you indulge in the exotic aromas of our Bay Rum aftershave, you’ll want to start stockpiling. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave the house smelling like anything else. Our Bay Rum Aftershave Bottle has all the soothing elements and exotic scents to keep you smelling like a real man – and the packaging is just as exclusive and unique as the 70-year-old formula as it comes packaged in our iconic  “Fishnet Weave®” bottles. 

Bay Rum Aftershave, Soap and Cologne Set

The amazing thing about St Johns Bay Rum soap is that it isn’t just masculine, exotic and luxurious soap; it can also be used as a Bay Rum aftershave that leaves you lightly scented like cologne for men. However, for the moments when you’d like to freshen up with the aroma of a real man, it’s always nice to have Bay Rum aftershave readily available. This gift set for men comes with two bars of Bay Rum soap and a bottle of the aroma of a real man.

Take the rich, exotic scents of the sea and experience of St Johns Bay Rum with you wherever you go. We’ve bottled up the elements of the island to offer you with the best bay rum cologne and aftershave soaps. So, whether you’re looking for distinctly masculine aftershave soaps or grooming supplies that leave you smelling like a man, take a trip to St Johns Bay Rum and explore the exotic, warm and spicy Caribbean scents from our line of luxury men’s grooming necessities.

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