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Aisleyne, 40, feared her droopy eyelids would need to be cut out before undergoing a new non surgical blepharoplasty with plasma pen procedure

AISLEYNE Horgan-Wallace has had surgery to remove the saggy skin around her eyes after fears she’d have to have it cut out.

The Big Brother star, 40, has revealed the staggering results of the procedure exclusively to The Sun Online.

Aisleyne was concerned that her drooping eyelids were ruining her appearance and feared she’d need drastic surgery to change them.

But thanks to a new procedure, she didn’t have to go under the knife – instead having her eyelids tightened by plasma pen at the Bellezza Clinic in London.

Aisleyne exclusively told The Sun Online: “I was worried I’d have to have the saggy skin above my eyelids cut out.

“But instead I had a new non-laser treatment that zapped my skin tight again.

“The results were instant, it was amazing and completely pain free.”

The plasma pen reduces and shrinks excess skin but the area scabbed over before the startling improvements were seen.

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