Best Temporary Metallic Tattoos to Buy on Amazon

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Tattoos may have been associated with rock stars, punks, and on-the-fringe artsy types in the past, but those days are long, long gone. Tattoos are a great way to visually honor a personal belief via a symbol, design, or specific quote/song lyric, and they’re also just a great way to express yourself creatively by using your own body as a canvas. The one downside? They’re permanent. Meaning that if you should change your mind later in life, you’re kind of stuck with the body art you once swore you’d be in love with forever.

Sure, there are a few treatments for tattoo removal (most notably, laser) but these treatments are not only expensive, but they’re also painful and oftentimes only able to fade the tattoo into a blurry mess rather than get rid of it altogether. A great solution to try if you’re getting antsy for some ink? Temporary tattoos—and especially, those of the metallic variety—which you can’t really achieve with a “real” tattoo. So rather than going “reckless,” right off the bat, try one of these non-commitment metallic temporary tattoos first before taking the plunge.

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1. Terra Tattoos Temporary Henna Metallic Tattoos

Terra Tattoos Metallic Gold Henna Temporary Tattoos

Courtesy of Terra Tattoos.

This metallic gold pack of temporary, wash-off tattoos includes over seventy designs, allowing you to mix and match and switch up your look without risking any kind of regret after the fact.

2. 12 Sheets Metallic Temporary Tattoos

12 Sheets Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Courtesy of GICUNK.

This pack comes with 12 entire pages of temporary tattoos, so you’ll be set for a while if you opt for this option. From geometric patterns to feather tattoos, there’s plenty of fun options to apply to your skin. The non-toxic tattoos can be removed with olive or coconut oil.

3. Temporary Tattoos Metallic

Temporary Tattoos Metallic

Courtesy of Wffdirect.

With this set, you get a total of 80 temporary tattoos. There are a lot of wraparound tattoo options for your ankles, wrists and arms, so this is a great option for people who want that shimmery gold look without having to put on any jewelry.

4. besharppin Metallic Temporary Tattoos

besharppin Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Courtesy of besharppin.

If you’re a big fan of butterflies, this is the ideal temporary tattoo pack for you. You’ll get 12 pages of colorful metallic tattoos that are easy to apply. These last about three to five days, but you can remove them easily with oil if you want to remove them before that.

5. Bachelorettesy Bride to Be Gold Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Bachelorettesy Bride to Be Gold Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Courtesy of Bachelorettesy.

There are six sticker sheets in this set that include three different styles of temporary tattoos. There are eight bride tattoos and 60 bridesmaids tattoos total. There’s even a few tattoos for the maid and matron of honor. The set features cute fonts and will make for some memorable bachelorette party photos.

6. Temporary Boho Metallic Tattoos

Temporary Boho Metallic Tattoos for Women

Courtesy of Nyicey.

This temporary tattoo pack is designed for people who want to wear a lot of temp tattoos at one time. If you don’t just want a dainty ankle tattoo and instead want a body full of metallic options, this temporary tattoo set has what you’re looking for—especially if you’re into the boho aesthetic.

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