Brash to Ash: A How-to for REDAVID’s New Blonde Therapy System – Color

REDAVID has just launched Blonde Therapy, a 3-step system for clients to use at home for the daily care of blonde and highlightened hair. Together, Blonde Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner and Dual Therapy leave-in toner and treatment offer clients a chemical-free, customizable daily toning experience while neutralizing brassiness that improves the hair’s condition.

“Instead of launching yet another blue- or purple-tinted shampoo or conditioner, we wanted to redefine what a client can do at home,” says company President Marco Redavid. “The biggest challenge for highlightened blondes is brassiness and managing unwanted warmth that returns over time. We created a 3-step system they can use every day as well as customize how much of that warm tone they want to neutralize on any given day.”

REDAVID Founder Leonardo Redavid adds, “At home, they start with one pump of each and go from there. Since this is a rinse-out system, they can’t harm the highlights and blonde work done in the salon. This really gives someone at home ways to express how cool of a blonde they want to be in between services.”

All three products are 100% vegan and made with 90% natural/naturally derived ingredients; they’re free of parabens, sulfates, and gluten, they feature a violet pigment complex, and they’re Fair Trade Certified. Orchid Oil’s unique moisture balancing properties improve hair elasticity and suppleness, while REDAVID’s exclusive Dynagen-R Complex builds internal strength, increasing body and fullness. Additional ingredients include orchid and coconut oils, shea butter, hemp seed oil, and healing herbs such as rosemary and ginseng. The temporary leave-in toing treatment features a two-part pump dispensing system with a Tone & Repair Complex on the left and a Shine Enhancing Complex on the right.

Show clients how to perform their own service at home:


Cleanse with Blonde Therapy Shampoo followed by applying Blonde Therapy Conditioner. Towel-dry the hair and comb through, but hair MUST still be wet when you apply the third product.



Dispense one pump into your hand from each side of Blonde Dual Therapy.



Emulsify the two sides together thoroughly in your hands.



You can tell the product is thoroughly mixed when it appears as a light lavender in your hands.



Starting at the midshaft, press the product well into the hair shaft to thoroughly coat the hair.



Working your way down through the lengths and ends, massage the product thoroughly into the hair.



Repeat working in the product as necessary until the hair is completely coated.



Begin blow-drying the product into the hair. Heat is key for the product to oxidize into the hair.



Continue blow-drying until the hair is 100% dry and the product has fully adhered to the hair.



Style as desired.



Treated (left) and untreated (right)



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