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“The reason I love bridal hair is because I can do the same style a hundred times and get a hundred different outcomes. There is so much to be learned about how texture lives and moves with a style and the flexibility that gives you as a stylist is so rewarding,” explains Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa ambassador and MODERN SALON Artist Connective member.

Get the steps for Pridemore’s romantic, textured updo:

Step 1: Starting at the base of the neck and working up, take ¼” sections and spray with Redken Iron Shape 11 for heat protection and hold.


Step 2: At about 2” from the scalp, lightly compress hair with a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron.  Repeat the technique over the entire head to create maximum volume and lift and a solid foundation for the style.


Step 3: Curl the entire head using the Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand 1.5” barrel to create fullness and body, and curls on base at the crown area. 


Step 4: In the back of the head, gather a small section in the center and pin in place. Take another small section from the left and place it directly over the previously pinned section. Repeat on the right side and continue two times on each side.


Step 5: Gather hair into a low ponytail at the neckline, thread through a hair donut and secure with hair pins. Divide the ponytail into three sections and twist into rope braids. 


Step 6: Alternate each rope braid back and forth, covering the hair padding, and pin in place. Fan out the braids to increase depth and dimension to form a soft romantic low textured bun. 


Step 7: Curl remaining face framing pieces with a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron.


Step 8: Finish with Redken Triple Take 32 extreme high hold hairspray for lasting power.



Insert a few dainty decorative hair pins in the center or on the side of the bun where the hair is parted off of. Placing them lower and grouping in odd numbers (1 larger pin or 3 smaller pins) will create interest and keep the style visually balanced, soft and romantic. If guest is wearing a veil, center it with the bun.


  • Clients should wash and blow dry hair the day prior to their wedding day so hair has more grip. 
  • Creating texture with an iron such as the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron forms a solid base for pinning, adds volume and increases the longevity of the style. 
  • If client prefers to wash hair the day of, give tips on what volumizing shampoo to use along with a pea size portion of conditioner. Do not recommend anything with softening agents (leave in conditioners) it can weigh the hair down.
  • Using a volumizing mousse all over damp hair after shampooing creates grip and helps hold curl longer.

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