Busting Common Myths about Cosmetology School

If you’re thinking about pursuing a cosmetology education,
you may come across some myths about attending a beauty school which may
dissuade you from attending esthetician classes or completing coursework in
another specialty. We don’t want anyone’s interest in becoming a cosmetologist
to be dampened by misleading information so we’ve decided to bust some all too
common myths that are circulating about cosmetology school.

You Need Proven Talent in the Field

Some people mistakenly believe that they need to have proven
talent to attend beauty school. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some
demonstrable skills, they’re not required for you to sign up for our courses.
To become a student at State College of Beauty Culture, you just need an
interest in the beauty industry and the willingness and ability to learn.

A Cosmetology Education is Too Pricey

Although there’s some truth to the adage “you get what you
pay for,” it doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank to get a high-quality
education in cosmetology. Learn about the financial aid options
you may be eligible for
when you enroll in our Wausau, WI beauty school now!

Beauty School is Only for People at the Start of
Their Careers

Even if you’ve already established a career in another
vertical, you can still make the switch to cosmetology. Whether you’re a recent
high school graduate, you’re preparing to retire from your current career or
you fall somewhere in between, you’ll be welcome as a student at our Wausau-area
cosmetology school.

You’ll Only Have a Few Career Paths Available to

The belief that you’ll only have a handful of career paths
to choose from after you complete your training and secure your license is as
inaccurate as it is laughable. The beauty industry employs all sorts of
professionals who’ve attended cosmetology schools, including writers and
editors, makeup artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, spa and salon owners,
consultants, barbers, skincare specialists, and state board examiners, to name
just a few.

All Beauty Schools Are the Same

While the curriculum between beauty schools may be similar
in some ways, colleges for cosmetology differ in many significant ways. For
starters, schools are differentiated by their cultures, locations, histories
and vibes, among other factors.

Luckily, there are resources available online
that can help you
choose the school that’s best for you. Of course, if you’re located close to
our cosmetology school, you won’t need to look beyond our campus to find a
training center that will provide you with all the knowledge and skills
necessary to pass the state license exam and launch a successful career.

Cosmetology School is Limited to Females

The notion that cosmetology schools only accept females
simply isn’t true. Although men may gravitate toward training in certain niches
more than women and females may do the same in other areas of study,
cosmetology schools have students representing both genders. Even if you’re the
only man or woman in a given class, you should never let it deter you from
studying a field that interests you.

Get More Information About Classes in Wausau

Don’t let the misguided myths about cosmetology schools that are masquerading around as truths get in the way of what could be a promising career in the beauty industry. Enroll at State College of Beauty Culture

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