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Moving to Oregon during a pandemic was, as you can imagine, a very stressful endeavor. I’m grateful to finally be able to start settling into my space and home, but I am well aware that there are plenty of things I left unfinished in California. So here’s my update for all of you wondering what’s next for TSC in Cali.

First, I am planning on keeping my license in California because I would love to come back and work a few times a year in LA or even SF. Once I can safely travel to SoCal and see some clients and friends, you’ll all be the first to know. I have a VIP list that I will offer my time to first, but then I’ll make it public with updates on all social media and my newsletter.

In the meantime, I will be honoring online consults so we can connect as often as possible so I can support your skin needs from afar.

But what about facials in the meantime? I am happy to recommend the following estheticians as they are all similar in their approach and can care for your skin while I’m in Oregon. Many have also trained with or alongside me.

Here are my top esthetician referrals:

In LA & SoCal;

In SF;

There are plenty more amazing facialists but this list is a good start for many of you asking. Please note that outside of California, there are many estheticians that I could recommend but I’m working on a full list there as well. So stay tuned!

Each state, city, and district has different COVID-19 introductory phases in order for estheticians to get back to work safely. Things will be much different in the future so please make sure to reach out to your practitioner with all of your cautionary questions.

I look forward to coming back to visiting and working in LA soon, but in the meantime, I know you’ll be in good hands ?

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