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Cameo Colours Lacquer – Polish Pick Up June 2021

Hiya guys! I always feel like I come on here after a few weeks and say the same thing ‘time is flying’. It sucks because it still feels like it’s very much going turbo speed. I don’t like to babble too much about my personal life whilst doing a polish review so maybe I will end up doing a journal type post soon. The cliff notes version being there is so much going on and I am losing myself. I know I don’t post as often as I would like to, but just know that you guys mean a lot to me and swatching is something very dear to my heart. I don’t want to start crying or get too emotional, so let’s switch gears and get to talking about our favorite subject: nail polish. I’m back today sharing swatches for the June contribution to Polish Pick-Up from Cameo Colours Lacquers. This month the theme is Over the Rainbows and this shade takes it’s inspiration from Glinda the good witch. And without further ado, let’s get to the swatches!

Only Bad Witches Are Ugly by Cameo Colours Lacquers will be available through Polish Pick-Up from June 4th until June 7th. There is a cap of 100 bottles US (and 5 UK) and each 15mL bottle retails for $11.50.

Cameo Colours Lacquer – Only Bad Witches Are Ugly

Cameo Colours Lacquer - Only Bad Witches Are Ugly

Only Bad Witches Are Ugly can be described as peach-toned light pink crelly full of scattered holo sparkle and pink/peach/gold shimmer, a smattering of rose gold micro flakes, small and micro silver holo glitters, and silver holo micro flakes. This beauty is definitely radiates a delicate princess vibe and I was feeling myself while wearing it. Admittedly I am not much of a pink polish type of girl, but that’s mostly because I am shroud in darkness 24/7 haha. In all seriousness although I don’t naturally gravitate towards pink nail polish in general, I can spot a gorgeous shade when I see it and this is it. The combination of the shimmer, flakes, and glitters give this base such a magical depth. It’s one of those polishes best captured under the sun, but even in my photos you can see the sparkle simply wanting to leap out. Again because I am not the biggest fan of pink I don’t like the way it looks against my skin-tone, I feel it brings out too much warmth and causes some clashing. Then again when I showed my good friend Jasmyn these swatches she swore up and down that pink was my color and this polish was made for me, haha.  

Cameo Colours Lacquer - Only Bad Witches Are Ugly
Cameo Colours Lacquer - Only Bad Witches Are Ugly

The formula has a sheer application that builds-up well for easy opaque coverage. It has a beautiful shimmer running throughout although it’s hard to see that in photos. The consistency feels balanced, not too thick or too thin. This was a nice surprise considering how jam-packed of a crelly the base is, but all the glitters and flakes really dispersed well with each coat. But because this is so full of glitters the finish ends up drying textured and needs a few layers of topcoat to even out. I believe there are indie topcoats made for glitter polishes such as these, but that wasn’t something I owned during these swatches. The removal was pretty easy for the most part although there were those tiny stubborn glitters that wanted to stick everywhere. No a big issue at all for me personally, but figured it should be mentioned. The swatches are shown here in two coats and a double layer of shiny topcoat.

Cameo Colours Lacquer - Only Bad Witches Are Ugly

Side note: I bet this polish would look stunning with a matte topcoat. And let me tell you I am KICKING myself for not having done a swatch showcasing it like that. I was not expecting to like this shade as much as I did, but it got to the point where I didn’t remove it right away after swatching. I think it’s one of those that I feel I look best in person with than in photos. But that’s also probably because this shade comes to life under this sun. As always make sure this beauty makes the cut on your Polish Pick-up wishlist as it is limited in quantity. Of course also check out more of Cameo Colours Lacquer, all links to social media are listed below. 

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