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Cameo Colours Lacquer – Polish Pick Up May 2021

Hiya guys! Can you believe we are starting off a brand new month already? It feels like this year is flying and I hate it, haha. The last few months have felt like I’ve been struggling to catch up on stuff and then when I finally do I just get more things thrown my way. I guess that’s adulting? I don’t like it, haha. But what I do love is that we get to start off the month with the May contribution to Polish Pick-Up from Cameo Colours Lacquers. This month the theme is Guilty Pleasures and this shade takes it’s inspiration from the TV drama Revenge. I’ll admit I’ve never watched the show, but I have heard of it and it’s been on my radar to watch. That said, this polish will make you fall in love! I haven’t even shown you the swatches yet, but I can feel myself busting with excitement haha. Okay let’s go ahead and jump right into the swatches so that this polish can win you over too!

Emily’s Next Move by Cameo Colours Lacquers will be available through Polish Pick-Up from May 7th until May 10th. There is a cap of 100 bottles US (and 5 UK) and each 15mL bottle retails for $11.50.

Cameo Colours Lacquer – Emily’s Next Move

Cameo Colours Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021

Emily’s Next Move can be described as a juicy red jelly base with scattered holo sparkle, red holo micro glitter, red/gold shifting glitter, black glitter, and silver holo micro flakes. Let me start off by saying I haven’t been this excited over a jelly polish in a long time and I am all about it. The finish has that perfect juicy squishy vibe that you need in a jelly polish. I also love how vibrant the red looks as well, it really helps make the base that much more eye-catching. The combination of the holo, glitter, and flakes is just *chef’s kiss*. It adds so much depth and dimension that I cannot stop staring at my nails as I wear this shade. Especially when it’s under direct light and the holo flares up. Swoon. Red has always been one of my favorite colors to wear against my skin-tone and this one is no exception. It gives me such a beautiful glow! I’m completely head over heels in love with this polish and you can bet I be dipping into this bottle quite often. 

Cameo Colours Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021
Cameo Colours Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021

The formula has a sheer application as expected for a jelly, but it builds-up so well and ends up having no visible nail line. It was a balanced consistency throughout the application, not too thick or too thin. Every brush stroke is simply filled with glitters and flakes with a perfect distribution across the nail. There was no clumping or pulling during the layering of the coats and felt so easy to work with. It dries down to a minimal gritty finish due to all the glitters, but I was able to achieve a smooth finish with a thick layer of topcoat. I would also like to note that I experience no staining on removal, which is always so nice to hear about a red polish. Shown here in two to three coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat. 

Cameo Colours Lacquer - Polish Pick Up May 2021

I simply adore this polish in every regard, but you could probably have guessed that with just how much I gushed about it throughout this post. I always have a very soft spot when it comes to a red polish as the color was the first one I ever tried as a child. You can imagine how beautiful and badass little five old me felt with red polish. Such a cute memory, haha. But yeah this polish is a beauty and one not to be missed in your collection. Especially if you are a fan of jelly finished. Heck even if you aren’t I feel like this polish will get you to change your mind. Make sure you add this polish to your wishlist and don’t miss out as it is limited in quantity. And of course be sure to check out more of Cameo Colours Lacquer, all links to social media are listed below. 

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