Careers in Cosmetology

Beauty is a $50 billion industry, so there are
more than enough opportunities for motivated individuals to carve out a
successful career for themselves. Quality esthetician training at an accredited
beauty school is the foundation on which you will start your future. There is
no right or typical career path, and knowing what options are out there can
help you choose the right beauty school courses
to prepare you for the
real world. Whether you have already graduated or are just considering
enrolling in a beauty school, these ideas may help inspire you to learn more
and be more:

Hair Stylist: Many beauty school
graduates pursue careers as hairstylists. A beauty school education will teach
you all the basics of cutting, styling, and coloring. There are always job
openings in salons, and these entry-level positions can turn into careers or
become a stepping stone to other pursuits.

●    Salon Or Spa Manager: For those
who enjoy the business end of things, managing or owning a salon is a logical
step to take after graduating from beauty school. An experienced stylist or
esthetician knows what trends clients will want as well as what it is like to
do the work, making them a great liaison between employees and consumers.

●    Esthetician: If you love helping
people achieve better skin, esthetician training from a beauty college will
enable you to master the art of facials, skin regimens, and consultations so
you can become a beauty authority. Estheticians can work in a variety of
settings, providing a lot of flexibility.

●    Wedding Or Special Event Stylist:
If a 9 to 5 schedule does not appeal to you, you can still use all the skills
gained in beauty classes
to help clients. As a special
events stylist, you can work in a salon or onsite at clients’ events, providing
them with the services they need to look their best on their biggest and most
important days.

●    Theatrical Makeup: In addition to
everyday use, makeup is very prevalent in television, movies, fashion shows,
and commercials. Makeup artists with a strong creative side find this line of
work to be exciting and rewarding as they are able to try many new things and
get a taste of fame at the same time.

●    Nail Technician: In addition to
hair and makeup, most beauty school courses include a wide array of nail
techniques. Manicures and pedicures are consistently popular, and those
specializing in such services often find a niche type of services that allow
them to gain a loyal client base.

●    Personal Stylist: Many
high-profile individuals who are in the public eye find that they need help
maintaining their look and image. Personal stylists consult, shop, and provide
services for those who need to look their best at all times. This can be a
demanding career field, but it offers a unique opportunity to socialize and
travel with an exciting crowd.

●    Fashion Show Stylist: If you
missed your opportunity to become a fashion model, you can still be part of
this world in a behind-the-scenes sense. Selecting and executing hair, makeup,
and fashion choices for the runway is a great way to use all of your beauty
school skills without settling down into a mundane lifestyle.

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