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I am liking the short hair – a lot. Beyond it being easy to maintain (though going into colder weather I’ve realised how much warmth longer hair retains), it makes things feel easier, if you get what I mean.

And I’ve sort of discovered a makeup routine that works: concealer, mascara and subtle eyeliner (ie, brown – upper and lower lash lines). That’s great for quick trips out of the house and Zoom calls. I look defined and my eyes stand out (the short hair makes them stand out as well so might as well go with that). I’m working on adding in eyeshadow – still that subtle but defined thing.

No one really sees my mouth right now, but I’m exploring what sort of lipstick works. And I’ve never been big on blush, but I can do it when required.

Thing is, the hair is so extreme I need less than I did previously. Which is sort of interesting.

Anyway, somehow (not sure how) my mind turned to Jean Seberg and her look. The hair is similar but I can no longer do those fitted bodice, cinched waist, wide skirted dresses – just not a good look; and neither are cigarette pants (or even striped Breton jersey tops). But, yes, the hair.

I’ve never seen the film Breathless, which she seems best known for, except the trailer, and I’m not sure I really want to watch it, but the whole new wave look – that’s a thing.

Kristin Stewart starred in a biopic (Stewart seems to be making a thing of biopics: The Runaways 2010 – as Joan Jett; Seberg 2019; and now Spencer about Princess Diana [2021]).

I looked up ‘which perfumes did Jean Seberg wear?’ and didn’t find anything (I didn’t look that hard). Most articles about her focused either on her politics (progressive) or her style (and of course her work as an actor). So, I decided to impose some perfumes.

Given she was clearly a strong personality with a great idiosyncratic style, I would put forward the following.

She might have worn Guerlain l’Heure Bleue or Jicky. I don’t think Mitsouko fits and definitely not Shalimar.  Possibly Chanel Cuir de Russie?

I can see her wearing a masculine – maybe Caron Yatagan or Chanel Mouche de Monsieur.

Not something breezy and citrus.

Nothing gourmand or too soft.

Nothing too heavy or particularly linear or straight-forward.

So, Jean Seberg. Are you a fan of her work? Her style?

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