Chemist expands natural product line celebrating curls

The company’s mission to “empower all individuals to embrace their natural hair”​ is inspired by Founder and Formulator Merian Odesho’s struggle with styling her own curls and by traditional beauty formulations that she traces back to her family’s Middle Eastern roots.

“My grandmother played an important role in developing my hair care routines, and she has been my inspiration for Bounce Curl.” ​Odesho says. “She would mix up special formulas using only natural ingredients, and she always used black seed oil.”

Bounce Curl gets its start

Odesho combined her studies in chemistry, personal beauty quest and commitment to safe ingredients to launch Bounce Curl online in 2015 while still in her mid-20s. 

The company’s first product, the Bounce Curl Hair Gel, remains its most popular to date, but the brand has since expanded to over a dozen products including shampoos, conditioners, stylers, vitamins and a botanical tea. Its latest: the Full Cleanse & Hydrate Kit with a turmeric detox mask, clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner.

“We launched this kit in February of 2021, when we realized that our customers were looking for a kit that would clean their hair as well as hydrate it,”​ Odesho explains.

The brand expects to add hair gummies, body butters and hair oil to the product line next year.

Formulating cleaner, greener and safer

As a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and formulator of all Bounce Curl products, Odesho says she searches for new ingredients that follow green chemistry principles. She has already reformulated several products and switched to greener preservatives in 2020.

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