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Chirality Nail Polish – Hella Handmade Creations (HHC) June 2021

Hiya guys! Has anyone else been experiencing crazy amounts of rain and storm this week? It feels like it’s been happening all week with some mild thunder as well. My poor little dogs have been scared senseless all week and in my lap nonstop, which normally wouldn’t be so bad but I have four of them haha. There is like zero room to do anything much less polish, but doggie-mom duties come before it all. Here’s hoping the weather lightens up so I can get some much needed me time. But that aside, today I’m sharing swatches for Pineapple Posture by Chirality Nail Polish created for the June edition of Hella Handmade Creations. This marks the fourth polish in the Aliens of The Deep series with HHC with this polish specifically taking it’s inspiration from the Vampire Squid. I don’t know what I love more sometimes, the polish colors, the polish name, or the name of the inspiration. Honestly… all of the above in this case, haha. Let’s get to the photos because this polish is *chef’s kiss* gorgeous! 

Chirality Nail Polish – Pineapple Posture

Chirality Nail Polish - Pineapple Posture

Pineapple Posture can be described as a charcoal black base color with black to red to gold shifting shimmer and pops of sparkling wine. Oof isn’t this a luscious and rich beauty?! This is one of those polishes where you see the bottle and think oh yeah pretty, but then you actually put it on… AND WOWZA. There is so much packed into this base while still having that collective subtleness that radiates a hard regal vibe. It feels like a really unique black polish in my collection and that’s not something I can say lightly. I have always been a fan of darker polishes against my skin-tone and this is no exception to that. It’s such a perfect color honestly against any skin-tone and easily wearable no matter the occasion. 

Chirality Nail Polish - Pineapple Posture
Chirality Nail Polish - Pineapple Posture

The formula has a very opaque application and can almost be considered a one coater. For my personal preference I always do two coats and the second coat also helps bring out more shimmer. Consistency wise it’s very well balanced and doesn’t lean neither too thick or too thin. The base is so very rich and has so much depth thanks to the the wine tinted shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The finish dries down smooth and high shine on its own prior to adding topcoat. I’d like to also note that despite it’s opacity I experienced no staining to my nail beds or cuticles on removal. Swatches are shown in two coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

Chirality Nail Polish - Pineapple Posture

This is probably my favorite shade so far from the series, but I feel like I do say that  every month. It can’t be helped though, every month the polishes just keep getting better and better. I am also quite the sucker for a dark toned beauty. All day, every day. Like I mentioned before, I feel like the base combination of this polish is so unique and stunning. The bursts of shimmer give the black base so much lusciousness. Just imagine how much more eye-catching it is in the sun. Definitely recommend trying to nab this one while you can as it is a limited run. As always make sure to check out more from Chirality Nail Polish down in the links below and don’t forget this polish is only around until Friday June 21st. Be sure it makes the cut in your carts this month and this unique shade shouldn’t be missed!

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