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Chirality Nail Polish – Hella Handmade Creations (HHC) May 2021

Hiya guys! The sun is absolutely shining outside and I am actually going out of my cave to enjoy it for once. I feel like spending a year at home has made me learn to want being outside under natural lighting so much. It’s like you always want what you can’t have, haha. With all the sun I’m getting I am starting to get a nice little tan going on, nothing crazy of course. But for once I might actually look like a human being amongst the living instead of an extra from The Walking Dead. Anyhow today I’m sharing swatches for Gazed and Confused by Chirality Nail Polish created for the May edition of Hella Handmade Creations. This marks the third polish in the Aliens of The Deep series with HHC with this polish specifically taking it’s inspiration from the Stargazer. Although I am not familiar with the documentary I ended up looking it up for the sake of this review. The short explanation is it’s about James Cameron traveling to explore creatures of the deep ocean. Definitely not something I would have sought out on my own, but I am very much intrigued and added it to my watchlist. Now let’s go ahead and get right to the swatches!

Chirality Nail Polish – Gazed and Confused

Chirality Nail Polish - Gazed and Confused

Gazed and Confused can be described as a copper polish with a burnt sienna to gold color shifting shimmer filled with copper, bronze, and gold sparkles, and holo flake. First I have to praise how gorgeous and unique this base color is! My goodness it’s such a beautiful tone of copper and has the perfect hints of gold running throughout that give it such a regal vibe. It’s very different – at least for me and not something I would think about gravitating towards. During my swatching I didn’t love how much warmth it bought out from my skin-tone, but in retrospect I kinda fell in love actually. It really gives me such a wonderful summer glow and because of the toned down color it can easily be worn anywhere including the office. It was definitely a refreshing breath of fresh air amongst my very colorful and loud collection. 

Chirality Nail Polish - Gazed and Confused
Chirality Nail Polish - Gazed and Confused

The formula has a very good opacity, but I didn’t consider to be opaque enough to be a one coater. There is a very pretty shimmer throughout which you can see hints of in my photos, but really looks best under direct sunlight. Consistency wise I felt it leaned a little on the thick side, there was no need to add thinner or make any kind of adjustments to have an easy application. The finish dries down to only a very minimal grit that can be easily smoothed out after topcoat. There was some visible brush strokes during the application layering, but those blends out perfectly as the polish dries down. The swatches are shown here in two coats and sealed off with a glossy topcoat. 

Chirality Nail Polish - Gazed and Confused

And that’s a wrap on another beautiful polish from Chirality Nail Polish! I really wasn’t not expecting to like this one as much as I ended up loving it. I cannot get over the copper tone, it’s just so beautiful and unique to my collection. I highly recommend any fans of golden tones to add this one to your cart. As always make sure to check out more from Chirality Nail Polish down in the links below and don’t forget this polish is only around until Friday May 21st. Be sure it makes the cut in your carts this month and this unique shade shouldn’t be missed!

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