Choosing The Salon Services You Will Offer

good beauty school
gives you the technical skills
you need to get hired at a salon or spa, but if you want to go into business
for yourself you will need to go above and beyond basic services. Whether you
are a seasoned cosmetologist or are just starting out, the competition for
clients is fierce. You will have the best chance of success as an entrepreneur
if you can offer a more extensive menu of services at your salon. Continuing to
take classes at a licensed beauty school helps beauty professionals learn the
skills necessary to remain relevant in changing times. Here are some in-demand
services that will keep you booked solid.


addition to haircuts, blow-dry services, and dye jobs, many clients desire
specialty styles for everyday wear or special events. Give your hairstylist career
an extra boost by staying
up-to-date on the hottest styles. Hair color is getting a lot of attention
these days, so it can be helpful to learn techniques such as balayage or High
Impact Color. Braids are also popular, so mastering different types of
dreadlocks and cornrows can help you broaden your client base. Offering hair
extensions, eyebrow tinting, and threading can also make your salon more
attractive to those looking for special events stylists.


and nails often go together, especially during special occasions. Offering not
just traditional manicures, pedicures, and nail polishing services, but also
expanding your menu to include more advanced nail services will keep your
clients from having to settle for something other than their preferred style.
Hot oil or water manicures and gel manicures are among the more popular nail
requests. Offering a wide array of nail art also allows you to build
relationships with clients who will not be able to get your specific artistic
style from another cosmetologist.


you want to further serve as a special events stylist, makeup services are
another way to become a one-stop beauty shop. Women want to look amazing on
special days such as their wedding or prom, and most would prefer to patronize
a cosmetologist they already have a relationship with than to find someone new.
Include services such as eyelash extensions and airbrush or permanent makeup
increases your chances of securing one-time customers as loyal long-term


way to encourage your clients to see you more regularly is to offer hair
removal services. Touch Ups to waxing and sugaring are usually needed more
often than haircut or color upkeep, and getting the customers into your chair
allows you to sell them on other services without seeming overbearing.

Parties And Event Hosting

your salon is generally empty during certain times of the day or year, consider
renting your space out for parties. This can be done for adults or children.
The more guests you can host, the more potential clients you can reach out to
at one time without advertising or selling too hard. The more services you have
available for these events, the more likely customers are to book with you over
another local salon or venue.

key to getting and keeping clients is variety, but you must also be responsive
to the needs of your specific audience. Pay attention to the trends in your
area and among those whose age groups are represented in your salon.

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