CIDESCO International and Section USA Announces Complimentary Sanitation and Sterilization Award  – Lydia Sarfati

As we continue to reopen and build back our esthetics schools, salons and spas, the focus has been on creating new protocols for proper sanitation and sterilization to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  In order to standardize proper protocols to implement these important factors into proper management, CIDESCO Section USA, in conjunction with CIDESCO International, has created a 8 hour course and workbook on Sanitation, and Sterilization; Occupational Health and Safety, with testing, certification, and displayable award, all complimentary, courtesy of CIDESCO. 

CIDESCO Section USA President Lydia Sarfati made the announcement in conjunction with Jacqueline Kennedy, Business Development Officer for CIDESCO International.  

“I’d like to share with you wonderful news,” said Sarfati during the live announcement this April.

“CIDESCO International has provided you with the opportunity of obtaining an international Sanitation and Sterilization Certificate, all complimentary. You will be able to display proudly the fact that your members have taken this test, received the award, for the safety of your clients.” 

CIDESCO International and CIDESCO Section USA is an organization that provides the international esthetics community with the highest standards in operational and educational certification and accreditation, represented by leaders in the professional esthetics field and certified at the highest level.   Founded in 1946 in Brussels with our Head Office in Zurich, Switzerland, our membership is open to the leading schools, colleges, beauty salons and spas of the world and students looking to achieve a superior level of training and the CIDESCO Diploma qualification which is recognized worldwide.  With CIDESCO sections through-out the world, its mission is to establish and uphold the highest standards of Beauty and Spa therapy throughout the world, promote esthetics on an international basis, promote the exchange of professional knowledge, new developments and information through regular marketing activities, networking events and at our annual international Congress and create recognized training centers that lead to the CIDESCO Examination and CIDESCO Diploma.  Further information on CIDESCO can be found at

There are over 30 sections worldwide, and Sarfati is President of CIDESCO Section USA. According to Sarfati, it is the mission of  CIDESCO to also promote the CIDESCO certificates in skin care and body care, to certify salons and spas.  Sarfati suggests that this certification is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval because “Today consumers want to know that they are going into the right spa that follows the proper sanitation and sterilization practices.”  

To receive the award, individuals need to request the complimentary workbook, which contains approximately 8-10 hours of study, designed for use in both the classroom and as a self-study resource. It provides all the information necessary to meet and exceed the curriculum requirements of all major international awarding bodies and incorporates all the resources a student needs to understand Sterilization and Sanitation and Occupational Health and Safety, covering:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Public Hygiene
  • Sterilization and Sanitation
  • Precautions taken in the salon to prevent contamination and cross-infection
  • Definition of terms in hygiene and sterilization, including the difference between Bacteriacide vs. Germacide, for example. 
  • Antiseptics and disinfectants
  • Bacteria, fungus, toxins and viruses
  • Guides to standards in operating procedures for schools and salons during COVID-19
  • Health and Sanitation laws and regulations
  • Worksheets to complete at the end of each section for review and information retention

This study guide is available for free digital download through Esthetician’s Connection.  You can also purchase a print copy through CIDESCO International at After completing the study guide, you are invited to complete a 25 multiple choice online test.  Once completed, if passed, you will receive the Sanitation and Sterilization Award certificate to display in your spa or salon.

Key Features of the Sanitation and Sterilization  Award

  • No prerequisite diplomas or certificates
  • Complimentary download of digital 8 hour theory book 
  • MCQ Online Examination
  • Registration and login through individual CIDESCO Sections or CIDESCO International
  • Issue Digital Award
  • Enhance your personal and public hygiene and procedures for staff and client safety and security 

“This is a gift from CIDESCO International with our compliments,” says Sarfati.  

Sarfati also announced that coming soon—a wonderful opportunity to get your CIDESCO mask!  This wonderful mask is available in black or blue with a white CIDESCO logo. Please contact for your masks [email protected] to receive yours.  For more information on the Sanitation and Sterilization award,  please contact CIDESCO USA, or email or call the toll free number: 


5600 N. River road

Suite 800

Rosemont, IL 60018


[email protected]

F @cidescousa

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