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Ingredients For Each Skin Type

Matte finish products will make dry skin look drier. For dry skin types, look for foundations rich in organic plant oils like sunflower or castor, in addition to organic butters and waxes. These will help moisturize the skin, preventing a cake-y finish.

For oily skin types, you’re going to want to avoid certain oils, especially coconut, and waxy formulas particularly carnauba wax, that will give extra shine and can congest pores.  Opt for an organic aloe based foundation that will hydrate without imparting too much moisture or pure mineral pigment that will absorb oil.  

All skin will benefit from plant based silicone alternatives. Look for coconut alkanes or Coco-Caprylate, both are coconut based silicone alternatives that give silky slip to foundation without the negative effects. 

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