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As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but what is the way to a woman’s heart? The answer is simple – men’s cologne. Studies show that approximately 80% of people say that the way someone smells is important when it comes to whether or not they find them attracted.  So, before you head out on your next date, pick up some cologne gift sets to make sure your scent is one that women love.  

The Best Men’s Colognes for Attracting Women

With so many masculine scents out there, it can be difficult to narrow in on the best colognes for men women love. To make the process easy for you, we’ve selected the best bay rum colognes that have been enjoyed by men (and women) for many years – and over 70 years for some.

Keep it Classic with Our Spicy, Masculine Bay Rum Cologne

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Add a spritz or splash of this bay rum cologne for a rich, spicy, warm and masculine aroma that has been worn by men and loved by women for over 70 years.

With many generations of gentlemen enjoying the scent, our bay rum cologne offers an exclusive blend of exotic Caribbean spices combined with premium bay leaf oils for an authentic and robust masculine scent. It’s where your Caribbean experience – and spicy love life begin. It’s so popular that you can now enjoy the best bay rum cologne in one of our many cologne gift sets.

West Indian Lime Cologne for a Citrus Caribbean Scent

Best bay rum cologne, bay rum cologne, cologne gift sets, cologne gift packs

Some of the best colognes for men are the ones that have been around for many years, and our West Indian Lime Cologne is certainly one of them. The exquisite and unique bay rum formula has remained untouched since the beginning, offering a genuine St. John’s Bay Rum experience in a bottle, complemented with sweet hints of the Caribbean Sea. Our West Indian Lime is also available in our cologne gift sets that allow you to shower and splash in the citrus scents women love.

No. 77 Bay Rum Cologne for a Sophisticated, Sweet Smell

Best bay rum cologne, bay rum cologne, cologne gift sets, cologne gift packs

For the sophisticated man who likes a clean and refreshing scent, our No. 77 Bay Rum Cologne is definitely a must. It’s a versatile scent that emits the aromas of a true island breeze, offering uplifting notes of fresh lemon and bold bergamot paired with leafy herbal notes that make you feel and smell like you’re walking along the ocean shore in a blush of flowers and fruit trees. The herbal tones add a hint of spice to keep the authentic bay rum cologne aroma of sophistication and masculinity. And what woman doesn’t love the scent of being seaside with a man?

St. John’s Vetiver Cologne for Men for a Deeper Masculine Aroma

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If you’re looking for the best bay rum cologne that offers a deeper, masculine scent without taking away from the citrus scents of the sea, our Vetiver Cologne is the perfect option of cologne that women love. Handcrafted in St. Thomas, our an elegant blend of citrus and spicy cardamom, with added notes of grass and cypress musk that make way for smooth earthy undertones of amber, cedar and sandalwood. It’s a masculine aroma that emits the aroma of a real man.

Use your scent to keep your love life thriving. Studies show that the way you smell plays a huge role in who you attract. Grab a bottle of the best bay rum colognes or dive into the Caribbean scents with one of our cologne gift sets.

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