Columbian coffee antioxidant ingredients hits beauty market

Columbian company Sanam has partnered with US based Flora Reserve to bring their antioxidant ingredient Naox Derma​ to the beauty industry. While the ingredient has already entered the supplement space internationally, Flora Reserve Managing Director Jeff Avila said it has huge potential in cosmetics.

Naox Derma is a coffee cherry extract derived from the pulp of the fruit, which is normally discarded, and among its cosmetics’ benefits claims are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and blue light protection, among others. Avila said he sees the ingredient going into a broad spectrum of personal care items, including creams and serums.

Coffee waste problem made upcycling opportunity

Leonardo Torres Solis, CEO of Sanam, said for every kilogram of coffee beans produced there is the equivalent weight of 5.6 adults of waste produced every day. With Columbia as one of the top coffee producers in the world, he said the environmental impact of coffee production was front and center.

Many companies began to research potential uses for the coffee production waste, like in alcohol and gas and oil. Torres Solis said Sanam saw an opportunity to concentrate the pulp of the superfood into an antioxidant ingredient, which they first sold in the supplement market and are now pivoting to personal care.

“Using the coffee cherry was not only innovative in terms of the final product … but also what that concentrate can do in the industry,”​ he said. “If you make that type of innovation but you don’t have something commercial to do with that, your problem is not really solved.”

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