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A new study shows that the price for a basic salon haircut varies widely from country to country, and in some countries there’s a huge gap in price between men’s cuts and women’s cuts. The United States came in at an average of $95 for a woman’s haircut and $44 for a men’s haircut. Just north in Canada, the price drops to $34 for women and $24 for men, and across the pond in England it’s $57 for women and $28 for men.


After comparing haircut prices in the capital cities of 102 countries, the researchers at NetCredit highlight these key findings:

  • Denmark has the most expensive average women’s cut, at $102.20, and the most expensive haircuts in the world overall, with an average price of $75.20 across genders.
  • For men’s cuts, Norway’s average comes in highest at $64.50.
  • The biggest gender price difference is in Nigeria, where a woman pays 634% of the price of a man’s cut.
  • The biggest gender difference in dollars is in England, where a woman’s haircut costs $58.97 more than a man’s.
  • Argentina rings up the cheapest average haircut at just $5.24 across genders.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina averages the least expensive for a women’s haircut at $6.20.
  • At 634%, Nigeria has the greatest disparity between women’s cuts and men’s cuts, followed by Mozambique at 567% and Fiji at 547%.
  • Countries with the least disparity between sexes are Andorra at 5% and Paraguay at 6%. 
  • In 11 of the 102 countries, men pay more than women for a haircut.

How do your haircut prices stack up? Keep in mind that, because the data was gathered at each country’s capital, the US average reflects prices in Washington, DC, not the national average. 


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