Conagen scales up hydroxytyrosol fermentation production

In a 2018 review published in Molecules​​, scientists from the University of Murcia in Spain reported that hydroxytyrosol– commonly associated with olives – has several beneficial effects, including protecting against oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory potential, cardiovascular benefits via its effects on LDL cholesterol, as well as improving skin and eye and eye health.

Another review, this one published in 2019 in Pharmacological Research​​, reported that the anti-inflammatory potential of hydroxytyrosol also has implications supporting the immune system and protecting against age-related conditions, particularly cognitive declines.

“Hydroxytyrosol is one of the most potent antioxidants in olives, and research suggests the great promise of this molecule in healthy aging and potential immune support applications,” ​said Linda May-Zhang, PhD, Blue California’s Research, Science and Innovation Officer. Blue California is a supplier of specialty ingredients, flavors, and fragrances and has a long-standing innovation partnership with Conagen.


Current hydroxytyrosol ingredients on the market are derived mainly from olives or are synthetic. Conagen now announces that it can produce a high-purity hydroxytyrosol that is virtually colorless and odorless using a “cost-effective, sustainable natural fermentation process”​.

“Hydroxytyrosol is derived from one of our four small-molecule platforms.  The flexibility of our phenolics platform has enabled us to rapidly scale and commercialize hydroxytyrosol and other novel ingredients, highlighting our productive innovation engine and reliability as a strategic service partner,”​ said, Casey Lippmeier, PhD, VP of Innovation at Conagen.

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