Corona and mental health. Indiana’s 211 hotline went from receiving roughly 1,000 calls a day regarding mental health — including suicidal ideation — to 25,000 calls a day. And calls to Indiana’s addiction hotlines went from an average of 20 a week to 20 a day. : Health

If I was confident in our countries ability to learn from the past, I’d think this virus ultimately would be a net gain for society. We have an opportunity here to really study our behaviors and make changes for the better. We have an opportunity to finally see the value in a real safety net for Americans. We can finally see the impact of our for-profit healthcare system.

But we won’t. In a smart society, we look at the mental health impact of this situation and realize “wow, so many Americans already live like this and we should do something about it” but this too shall pass and our brief time caring about one another will pass with it.

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