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Demeter has launched Dark Flowers, a new collection of four fragrances: Dark Roses, Transfixed, Vampire Blooms and Witching Hour.

Dark Flowers is a collection of supernatural, spooky, spectacular scents that are unlike anything you have experienced in mainstream perfumery. These Dark Florals are beautiful, of course, but radical and truly unique in their approach to scent. These fragrances use materials not usually found in fragrance, and in combinations you will find nowhere else. Each is a statement in scent, with unique twists and turns that are different in character and approach from the Classic Demeter Fragrance Library

Dark Roses ~ “Rose Water Tea, Thorny Stem Bulgarian Rose Petals and Davana Blossom are topped with Red Currants and anchored by an earthy Patchouli, Dark Amber and Haitian Vetiver: a deep, dark swirl unlike anything else you have experienced in a Rose-inspired scent. There is a black rose growing in your garden.”

Transfixed ~ “Transfixed is stunningly beautiful; so beautiful and compelling that the olfactory experience risks putting those who smell it into a trance. The sexy center of this fragrance revolves around Ylang Ylang and Red Poppies, grounded with Tobacco Leaves and Black Vanilla Bean, while taking flights of fancy with a frosty medicinal accord and powdery Coca Petals. Very unusual and sexy stuff, indeed.”

Vampire Blooms ~ “Poisonous Belladonna, Dracula Orchid and the Nicotiana plant form the deep, dark heart of this fragrance, rounded with peppery Maile Leaves and Ivy, smoothed and coordinated by a sheer veil of Madagascar Vanilla, White Musk and Mandarin Peel. Dangerous and irresistible.”

Witching Hour ~ “A blend that captures the full possibilities of an adult perspective on Halloween, but for every day. Deep and sensual, without being at all too dark, this fragrance uses exotic ingredients-two kinds of Amber, Blood Orange and Vanilla Orchid petals-to make this blend unique, in the way only Demeter can.”

Demeter Dark Roses, Transfixed, Vampire Blooms and Witching Hour are available in 15, 30 or 120 ml Cologne and in matching bath and home products ($7.50 – $40).

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