Desert Botanicals releases new propylene glycol-free hair care line

The new line from Desert Botanicals, which was founded in Arizona in 2019, comprises a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, leave-in glosser and detangler.

The brand, which applies advanced silicone technology to desert oils and nectars as well as vitamin nutrition, is centered around high-quality and high-performing hair care products, with social responsibility development at its core.

What is propylene glycol?

Propylene glycol is a widely available, inexpensive hydrophilic (water-loving) solvent. The beauty ingredient also has the added benefits of being a humectant, an antimicrobial preservative, a stabilizer, and an anti-caking agent.

“It is used commercially in everything from e-cigarettes, to household cleaners to cake mix to aircraft deicing fluid to cosmetics,” ​said John Ritchie, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Desert Botanicals. “Its ubiquity presents an obvious and huge challenge to people with an immune system reaction to it.​”

Allergic reactions to propylene glycol

Desert Botanicals launched its flagship product, SonoranShine Featherweight Glosser, back in November 2020. A friend of the company’s founders told the brand’s founders that unfortunately, she could not use its product because it contained propylene glycol.

In 2018, the American Contact Dermatitis Society​ named propylene glycol its Allergen of the Year, as Ritchie explained: “To draw attention to its role as a significant allergy-causing agent.”

Upon sharing these insights, Ritchie said: “It seems an increasing number of people are becoming allergic to propylene glycol, but in reality, it is probably more of an awareness issue as doctors and patients alike increasingly test for it when allergy issues start.”

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