Do you give or receive a lot of beauty-related gifts?

I don’t receive beauty products as gifts, unless it’s a gift with purchase. I actually have a no physical gifts policy; if I need a physical object, I buy it myself when I need it, otherwise I prefer to keep my belongings minimal, and gifts create clutter.

I do gift to others beauty products, as some women in my life are totally opposite to me and love to receive things and have multiple beauty products.
To my best friend back in Europe I always bring body care products (she’s not into makeup). To my grandmother I usually gift fancy hand creams and apple scented soaps (she is obsessed with finding a specific scent she remembers from a discontinued FA soap from the 80-90s).
I also gift skincare and body care products to coworkers (female), I avoid makeup and fragrances since those are personal from my point of view.
My mom is usually the receiver of most beauty gifts. First and foremost, I always have to gift her Marc Jacobs liner in Blaquer and travel sizes of Victoria Secret perfumes. She loves switching her perfumes, so she always requests minis and travel sizes, she doesn’t like big bottles. I also always try to get from my travels showers gels that are unique to that region / country. My mom actually ended up with any beauty related product I don’t actually want / need (some folks never get my no gift policy); she loves all the perfume samples and Sephora birthday gifts I don’t enjoy. Unfortunately since I haven’t gone back to Europe since the pandemic started, I didn’t gifted her anything in a long while.
Men in my life are absolutely picky with their routines, just like me, and won’t take them as gifts.

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