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Dr Hauschka Natural Hair Care. Blog Post

Silicone-free, 100% organic hair care by Dr Hauschka for a comfortable scalp and hair that shines with genuine health.

I am thrilled to announce that Dr Hauschka has added a new Shampoo and Conditioner to their Hair Care products for the essential 3-step hair care routine.

The 5 Dr Hauschka Hair Products you need for well-nourished healthy hair

Created to cleanse, care and strengthen, each product enhances the other hair care products in the range while also being effective when used alone. The products are sulfate-free, silicone-free, parabens-free (of course!) and are perfect for all hair types and conditions including long hair, dry and damaged hair, frizzy hair, curly girls and split ends.

1. Cleanse

Silicone-free, the new vegan Dr Hauschka Shampoo has been created using the highest-grade natural botanical ingredients including protein-rich chickpea extract and apricot kernel oil. Together with gentle cleansing ingredient the shampoo treats all hair types with love. You can be confident that it will care for your hair no matter what its condition; curly hair and coloured or treated hair.

The unique natural formulation which includes quince, rosemary and neem ensures that your hair remains moisturised  right through to the ends. The hair is strengthened with protein provided by the chick-pea extract and lemon, spearmint and bergamot essential oils provide a wonderful fresh fragrance and feeling. Valuable botanical extracts provides soothing care to the scalp. Natural Dr Hauschka quality!

Hair wants to be super-clean, not squeaky-clean.  It doesn’t cause build-up but is rich enough to leave your hair feeling supple and healthy. Although it is mild enough to be used daily, ideally, you will shampoo less often, maybe just two or three times a week. This allows your hair’s own natural moisture to give shine and protection.

And with the tube containing at least 60% post-consumer plastic (PCR),  Dr Hauschka honour their commitment to considering their (and our) impact on the environment.

Tip: Freshen your hair and scalp between shampoos, use Dr Hauschka Silk Powder as a dry shampoo.


Suitable for a vegan or plant-based lifestyle

Tube contains at least 60% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) packaging 

No animal testing or cruelty

2. Moisturise

The second step of your hair care routine is moisture. After shampooing, hair is ready to receive protective nourishment to create gloss and shine. Silicone-free and vegan, Dr Hauschka Conditioner complements the Dr Hauschka Shampoo, combining premium-grade botanical oils with plant protein and healing and regenerative medicinal plant ingredients. Apple cider vinegar provides shine by removing any hard-water limescale which allows the hair cuticles to lie flat, making ensuring glossy health. Nourishment is also provided by coconut oil, vanilla extract and white blossom which also gives the conditioner a lovely, uplifting fragrance.

The careful selection of natural ingredients in Dr Hauschka Conditioner makes it a good choice for all hair types including long hair, dry, damaged, or colour-treated hair and for split ends. It is suitable for fine hair because of it’s lightness while also providing rich moisture for dry hair – key to keeping flyaway hair and frizz to a minimum.

We all know how to use conditioner but it is sometimes good to be reminded: Apply evenly through damp hair, spreading it right to the ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it and leave to penetrate for three or four minutes before rinsing out. If your scalp is prone to oiliness, apply conditioner from middle to ends.  If your hair is thick or coarse you could leave a little conditioner in your hair, especially on the tips.

And, like the Dr Hauschka Shampoo, the tube is made with at least 60% post-consumer plastic (PCR) in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Tips: #1 If you are a curly girl, why not use Dr Hauschka Conditioner to co wash to maintain the hairs natural moisture.

#2. If you are prone to frizz, experiment with adding a little water to the your conditioner and apply it with your hands to the ends of your hair to smooth your locks.




Suitable for a vegan or plant-based lifestyle

Packaging contains at least 60% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR)  

100% organic and natural ingredients



To be continued….


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