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Until a few weeks ago, the idea of eating lilacs had never occurred to me. If you’d asked, I’m sure I would have stated, with unfounded authority, that the blossoms were inedible. Then, in late May, I saw a friend post a picture of her in-progress lilac infusion on Instagram. Another friend chronicled her theft of a lilac branch from a neighbor’s yard, for use in lilac sugar cookies. The novelist Amal El-Mohtar tweeted her preparation of a batch of lilac syrup: a bundle of just-picked blossoms, washed, then measured, and finally set in a bath of hot sugar water to infuse. Something was in the air, besides all the pollen and perfume.

— Read more in Lilac Syrup and the Underrated Art of Eating Flowers: The social-media star Alexis Nikole Nelson, a.k.a. BlackForager, is building an army of florivores at The New Yorker. Hat tip to Kevin!

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