Eau de Narcisse Bleu by Hermès

Hey Posse. Yes, this is another arrival in the same package as Kenzo Jungle and Guerlain Ginger Piccante. It seems I decided to buy some super summer spritzes as we head into winter down here in Oz. Well, it was bargain discounter shopping (and a tester), I am now working again and damnit I love getting packages. This was a particularly good one too, I’ve been spending some time with each of the new purchases, getting to know them. Eau de Narcisse Bleu is from 2013 so it’s a Jean-Claude Ellena era Hermès perfume. I don’t know if that makes much difference to you but I really liked the way he produced a very streamlined and perfectly finished product. Especially since it wasn’t the way the market was going generally.

Eau de Narcisse Bleu by Hermès

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Narcissus, Orange blossom, Galbanum, Woody notes

Let’s start with how gorgeous the bottle is. There’s something so extra luxe about the feel of the Hermès glass bottles. I also love the shape. It’s easy to grip and spritz. It’s simple but has the embossed brand and the colour is totally swoon worthy. The cap is a lovely heavy plastic, very bakelite-isa (it may even be). If any of you are looking for something to gift a non perfumista who may only have a few bottles, Eau de Narcisse Bleu will be one they can proudly display.

How does it smell? Galbanum and narcissus are the featured opening notes. It’s a clean narcissus with a lot of the feral sheared off but you still get hints. Galbanum smells like Hermès glass bottles feel to me. It’s a waxy, smooth, air conditioning in a florist smell backed by greenery and sappy stems. Eau de Narcisse Bleu is beautiful. A splendid riff on the cologne style of fragrance that is both interesting and uplifting.

I’m not going to lie. Eau de Narcisse Bleu is very expensive for a cologne if you buy it at an Hermès store. No matter who it’s by or how lavishly it’s produced. Look around at the discounters though, they have it for much more reasonable prices.

Lasting power is good for a cologne. Well over an hour of softly fragrant and a wash thereafter of cool nothings. Unisex but leaning ever so slightly towards traditional femme.

Do you have a favourite of the Hermès eaus? Does Eau de Narcisse Bleu sound like a good choice for summer?
Portia xx

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