empyri and Woodlot in inaugural Nine Point Agency incubator

Independent startup and emerging brands in every sector face (financial) challenges. The new Nine Point Agency incubator program is meant to mitigate the costs of PR services and not only help participating businesses grow during the program but also learn from experts and leave with a better understanding of how to build brand awareness and reach new audiences and prospective customers.

“We wanted to find a viable solution to help support the growth of local, emerging brands that we love and admire in a sustainable and resource-driven way and are proud to finally introduce our Incubator Program,” ​says Malania Dela Cruz, Vice President at Nine Point Agency, in this month’s media release about incubator program.

“Each of the brands we’ve hand-picked for our program represent the innovation, creativity and tenacity it takes to succeed as a business, and we can’t wait to help them grow,” ​she adds.

Innovative indie beauty brands take part in Nine Point PR incubator 

Tiffany Soper founded Nine Point Agency in 2014. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the PR and marketing agency works with lifestyle and cannabis brands that it describes as “creative, progressive and purpose-driven businesses,…within industries where real change takes place,” ​according to the release.

Nine Point offers clients services such as PR strategy, Public Relations and Media Relations, Influencer Marketing, social and digital media, content development, and event management.

The agency’s first incubator program kicked off this month with 4 participating brands: empyri​ and Woodlot​ in beauty, Taikan Everything in apparel and accessories, and cannabis lifestyle brand OHAI.

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