Esthetics Class 4 Graduation Ceremony Celebrates the Journey from Student to Pro — ARROJO cosmetology school

In these times of uncertainty, Esthetics Class 4 showed why they are certain to be successful skincare specialists. Their graduation ceremony, featuring personal insights and inspirations as well as a video documenting their journey through school, served to highlight the growth of a group that has shown remarkable commitment, completing the entire program with flying colors, despite studying in the era of Covid-19.

Esthetics is the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry, which in itself is one one the biggest growth industries of our time. Our Esthetics Class 4 Graduates are now primed to deliver specialty skincare services, sharing their passion for beauty, and making people feel good, with the world.

Over 600 hours and 4.5 months, the group focused on skin conditions and disorders; facials, cleansing, toning, and massaging; and the business, marketing and management skills they will need to thrive in upscale spa environments.

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