Ex-Unilever exec on new Aussie collagen start-up’s global ambitions

The company currently sells collagen powder that comes in nine variants, including a pure, unflavoured version, and strawberry, vanilla, mango, banana, matcha, coffee, chocolate, and chai versions.

Each tin comes in a 400g composite can, while there is also a single serve 20g sachet version. Each serve contains 16g of collagen.

The range is already stocked in Australia’s vitamin, supplement, and health food retailer Mr Vitamins’ brick-and-mortar and online stores, said co-owner Chris Humphries who was previously the senior global business development manager at Unilever based in Singapore.

The other three co-owners include two food technologists and an owner of a manufacturing facility.

Spending more than a year in R&D, the formula contains hydrolysed type I and III bovine collagen, as well as inulin as prebiotic.

Type I collagen is associated with skin, hair, nail health and is also a major component of the tendons, organs, and bones, while type III is generally found in reticular fibres, such as the bone marrow and is found alongside type I collagen. 

Erythritol and monk fruit extract are also added to act as natural sweeteners since the product claims to contain no added sugar.

“Taste is absolutely a key driver in the format that we have gone with [powder format], it doesn’t matter if it is in a tablet or capsule form.

“But what we want to do is to move away from pill fatigue and just make an easy, fun, delightful product to consume as part of one’s diet and lifestyle,” ​Humphries said. 

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